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Spokane For Sale by By Owner Homes, Condos, Townhomes For Sale in Spokane, WA

Find Spokane homes for sale by owner, FSBO homes, byowner homes, by-owner real estate buyowner houses, homes for sale by owner, all on ByownerMLS.COM. Also Spokane home values and appraisals. Get access to Spokane real estate listings, including the ByownerMLS, foreclosures and new homes for sale by owner. Check out all of our free real estate services including tips on buying and selling your home in Spokane and Spokane cities and suburbs.
Find Spokane school district information, in our resource center including neighborhood profiles and elementary, middle and high school information. We also have information on Spokane fsbo home buying, home selling by owner, and all property mortgage needs including land, houses, homes, condominiums moving companies and other realty services for anyone looking to sell a home or buy a home through in Spokane, Washington.

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65 properties listed in Spokane, Washington.

2 Mobile Home FSBO homes and properties can be found in ByOwnerMLS, in Spokane, Washington. There are 3 Multi-Family real estate homes and direct by owner properties in Spokane, Washington. 30 Rental Only FSBO homes and properties can be found in ByOwnerMLS, in Spokane, Washington. 30 Single Family FSBO homes and properties can be found in ByOwnerMLS, in Spokane, Washington.
10030 N Seminole, SPOKANE, WA 99208
1012 W 9th 3, SPOKANE, WA 99204
1017 E 27th Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99203
108 W 15th Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99203
11214 N. Waikiki, SPOKANE, WA 99218
11707 E Rivercrest Drive, SPOKANE, WA 99206
11807 N. Fairwood Drive, SPOKANE, WA 99218
12018 N Korey Ln, SPOKANE, WA 99218
1314 W. Alice - 2, SPOKANE, WA 99205
1416 W 7th Ave #3, SPOKANE, WA 99204
1427 W 7th Ave #3, SPOKANE, WA 99204
1611 W 6th 12, SPOKANE, WA 99204
1611 W 6th 2, SPOKANE, WA 99204
1613 E Beacon Lane, SPOKANE, WA 99217
1625 W. Kiernan Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99205
1713 E Illinois Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99207
1723 E Rockwell Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99207
1723 N. Stone Street, SPOKANE, WA 99207
1815 North Hutchinson Rd, SPOKANE, WA 99212
1831 E Marshall 2, SPOKANE, WA 99207
2106 E Turnberry Lane, SPOKANE, WA 99224
227 E Ermina Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99207
2418 E. Joseph, SPOKANE, WA 99208
2527 N Sycamore St, SPOKANE, WA 99217
2628-2630, SPOKANE, WA 99204
2818 E 33rd, SPOKANE, WA 99223
2904 E Francis, SPOKANE, WA 99208
3024 E. 30th Avenue B-201, SPOKANE, WA 99223
3024 E. 30th Avenue D-101, SPOKANE, WA 99223
308 East Indiana, SPOKANE, WA 99207
3119 W. 20th Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99224
317 E Bridgeport Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99207
3207 S. Cook St., SPOKANE, WA 99223
330 W Buckeye, SPOKANE, WA 99205
3308 E 11th Avenue, SPOKANE, WA 99202
3605 N Thor St, SPOKANE, WA 99217
4103 S Garfield St, SPOKANE, WA 99203
4210 E 28th Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99223
4214 N Maple St, SPOKANE, WA 99205
4214 n maple street, SPOKANE, WA 99205
4502 E N. Glenngrae Ln, SPOKANE, WA 99223
4514 N Monroe, SPOKANE, WA 99205
4823 E. Gleneagle Ln., SPOKANE, WA 99223
555 E Fairview, SPOKANE, WA 99205
5615 S Willamette St, SPOKANE, WA 99223
5627 N D St, SPOKANE, WA 99205
5810 N Hemlock St, SPOKANE, WA 99205
6020 N Belt St # 9 Other Homes, SPOKANE, WA 99205
611 S. Bernard Street, Unit 2, SPOKANE, WA 99204
625 S. Mckinnan Rd., SPOKANE, WA 99212
6714 5th Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99223
700 W 7th Ave #302, SPOKANE, WA 99204
705 E Roundtable Cir, SPOKANE, WA 99218
7117 N Deschutes Dr., SPOKANE, WA 99208
7303 N. Crestline #17, SPOKANE, WA 99212
7621 N Warren Lane, SPOKANE, WA 99208
7830 E Uhlig Road, SPOKANE, WA 99217
819 E 9th Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99202
8306 E Sandlewood, SPOKANE, WA 99212
8819 N Colton, SPOKANE, WA 99208
8819 N Colton 128, SPOKANE, WA 99208
9403 E Nixon Ave, SPOKANE, WA 99206
9807 N Fotheringham St, SPOKANE, WA 99208
9919 S Stevens Creek Rd, SPOKANE, WA 99223
West 1308 north five mile rd, SPOKANE, WA 99208

SPOKANE, WA For Sale By Owner Properties by Zip Code within SPOKANE:
Zip Code 99201 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99202 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99203 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99204 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99205 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99206 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99207 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99208 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99209 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99210 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99211 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99212 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99213 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99214 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99215 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99216 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99217 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99218 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99219 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99220 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99223 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99224 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99228 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99251 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99252 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99256 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99258 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99260 Homes By Owner (FSBO)
Zip Code 99299 Homes By Owner (FSBO)

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