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11743 For Sale by By Owner Homes, Condos, Townhomes For Sale in 11743

12 Cannon Court, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
206 Broadway Greenlawn, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
210 W 22nd Street, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
23 Bellaire Drive, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
23 Fairview Street, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
230 Southdown Road, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
25 St Andrews Dr, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
4 Doti Crt., HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
48 Cold Spring Hills Rd, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
57 Preston Street, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
7 Upper Drive, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
72 Greenlawn Rd, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
9 Donna Court, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743
Greenlawn Road, HUNTINGTON, NY 11743


Neighborhood Information and Demographics for Zip Code: 11743 (Huntington Bay, NY)

Area Statistics for Zip Code: 11743 (Huntington Bay, NY)
Population 42,764
Average Age 38.6 years
Average Household Income $95,790.00
% Single 36.4%
% Married 63.6%
% Families 30.4%
Average Household Size 2.77 people
% College 51.6%
% White Collar 74.8%
Cost of Living Index 191.4
Average Annual Expenses By Category for Zip Code: 11743 (Huntington Bay, NY)
Utility $5,956.00
Consumer $81953 per year
Education $978 per year
Entertainment $4431 per year
Transportation $3157 per year
Retail $38096 per year
Nonretail $43857 per year
Climate for Zip Code: 11743 (Huntington Bay, NY)
Winter High 32.7 degrees
Winter Low 22.8 degrees
Summer High 84 degrees
Summer Low 61.4 degrees
Precipitation 47.7 inches
Air Quality 13
Crime for Zip Code: 11743 (Huntington Bay, NY)
Crime Index 3.3
Personal Crime Index 2
Cultural Diversity for Zip Code: 11743 (Huntington Bay, NY)
Culture Index 167


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