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27519 For Sale by By Owner Homes, Condos, Townhomes For Sale in 27519

103 Absher Court, CARY, NC 27519
103 W Acres Crescent, CARY, NC 27519
106 Hilda Grace Lane, CARY, NC 27519
115 UnION MILLS WAY, CARY, NC 27519, CARY, NC 27519
131 Brookbank Hill Place, CARY, NC 27519
1425 Glenwater Drive, CARY, NC 27519
1427 Glenwater Drive, CARY, NC 27519
202 Oxford Creek Road, CARY, NC 27519
204 Connemara Drive, CARY, NC 27519
2126 Roland Glen Road, CARY, NC 27519
220 Benwell Court, CARY, NC 27519
301 Lynden Valley Court, CARY, NC 27519
304 Mountain Maple Drive, CARY, NC 27519
307 Connemara Drive, CARY, NC 27519
308 Weycroft Grant Drive, CARY, NC 27519
325 Commons Walk Circle, CARY, NC 27519
340 New Milford Road, CARY, NC 27519
343 Longchamp Lane, CARY, NC 27519
451 Panorama Park Place, CARY, NC 27519
513 Potomac Grove Place, CARY, NC 27519
549 Front Ridge Drive, CARY, NC 27519
703 Delta Downs Drive, CARY, NC 27519
706 Callay Hill Way, CARY, NC 27519
Cary Glen Blvd, CARY, NC 27519
Cary Glen Blvd, CARY, NC 27519
Cary Glen Blvd, CARY, NC 27519
Nc 55, CARY, NC 27519


Neighborhood Information and Demographics for Zip Code: 27519 (Cary, NC)

Area Statistics for Zip Code: 27519 (Cary, NC)
Population 42,613
Average Age 31.2 years
Average Household Income $73,034.00
% Single 33.8%
% Married 66.2%
% Families 36.2%
Average Household Size 2.62 people
% College 64.4%
% White Collar 79%
Cost of Living Index 107.5
Average Annual Expenses By Category for Zip Code: 27519 (Cary, NC)
Utility $3,510.00
Consumer $48557 per year
Education $525 per year
Entertainment $2675 per year
Transportation $1873 per year
Retail $21936 per year
Nonretail $26621 per year
Climate for Zip Code: 27519 (Cary, NC)
Winter High 48.4 degrees
Winter Low 29.3 degrees
Summer High 89 degrees
Summer Low 66.8 degrees
Precipitation 42.8 inches
Air Quality 20
Crime for Zip Code: 27519 (Cary, NC)
Crime Index 3
Personal Crime Index 3
Cultural Diversity for Zip Code: 27519 (Cary, NC)
Culture Index 115


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